To widen our pools of artists, we will:

Program more time in our production schedules for our hiring decision-makers to explore new artists and collaborators

Make the financial commitment to be able to hire more non-local performers and designers

Create reciprocal networking initiatives for our hiring and programming decision makers and artists

To support this diverse array of artists, we will:

Collaborate with them about each production’s need for intimacy, cultural, and other necessary consultants to promote equitable and safe spaces

Ensure we have culturally representative costume, hair, and makeup backstage personnel, and work with the unions to continue to diversify their membership


Develop consistent, mandatory anti-racism training for all participants in the production/rehearsal process in order to ensure equitable and safe spaces

Challenge our implicit bias in programming, casting, and hiring decisions


  • Before committing to production, require all collaborators including authors and authors’ estates to be aligned with our EDI/AR principles
  • Maintain mechanisms for timely reporting, resolving, and repairing EDI/AR incidents and develop post-production surveys to assess their efficacy
  • Make wage scales and employment terms applicable to our venues readily available
  • Create a task force to explore options to reconcile pay-equity between Broadway and off-Broadway spaces
  • At top of each season, GMs will consult with directors and creative teams to review rehearsal and tech schedules to take into account all factors for each production, and work out a schedule that meets the needs of the production without overly taxing the artists and other workers



50% of our productions across all stages and 50% of our Broadway productions to be BIPOC stories over the five years of the plan


All creative teams at least 50% BIPOC over the next five years