• Audit current Board makeup and create a matrix of members’ industries, expertise, age, social identity, etc. to help determine gaps, focus recruitment, and broaden backgrounds represented
  • Refine criteria for Board membership to value candidates with needed expertise and perspectives as much as financial resources
  • Develop a strong process to equip and onboard new members to include intra-Board mentorships for new members to ensure it is a welcoming space
  • Work with diverse identity-based organizations to broaden resources for Board recruitment


Provide initial and ongoing EDI/AR learning and brave dialogue spaces for all Board and volunteer-leadership groups

Foster empathy and communication between staff and Board members, including regular meetings between Board EDI Committee and staff Transformation Team and ongoing roundtable discussions between Board and staff members

Include explanation of the role of the Board and organizational fundraising strategy as part of staff on-boarding process


  • Board will work with executive leaders and cross-departmental staff team to establish succession plans
  • Maintain, update, and share Dashboards of EDI/AR metrics to ensure mutual transparency and accountability between the organization and the Board
  • Create mechanisms for sharing updates to staff regarding activities of the Board

Equitable Policies

EDI Committee to review Board governing documents and make recommendations to the Nominating and Governance Committee for changes that embrace an equitable, diverse, inclusive, and anti-racist culture



30% BIPOC representation on Board, Leadership Council, and Ambassador Council within the next five years